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Job Title: Remote Private Counselor (Phone and Video)

Job Description:

We are seeking a compassionate and experienced Private Counselor to join our team, providing remote counseling services via phone and video. As a Remote Private Counselor, you will play a crucial role in supporting individuals facing various challenges, helping them navigate personal and emotional concerns.


  1. Remote Counseling Sessions: Conduct confidential counseling sessions with clients through phone and video platforms, maintaining a high level of professionalism and empathy.

  2. Assessment and Goal Setting: Evaluate clients' needs, assess their mental health, and collaboratively establish realistic goals for personal development and well-being.

  3. Client Support: Offer emotional support, guidance, and coping strategies to clients dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and life transitions.

  4. Documentation: Maintain accurate and confidential client records, documenting session notes, progress, and any relevant information in compliance with ethical and legal standards.

  5. Crisis Intervention: Be prepared to handle crisis situations effectively, providing immediate support and referrals when necessary.

  6. Continued Professional Development: Stay informed about the latest developments in counseling and mental health practices through ongoing training and professional development.

  7. Client Education: Educate clients on mental health topics, self-care techniques, and resources to empower them in their personal growth journey.

Job Submission 


  1. Licensed Counselor: Possession of a valid license in counseling (?????????, or equivalent) with experience in providing individual counseling.

  2. Technology Proficiency: Comfortable using video conferencing platforms and phone-based counseling tools.

  3. Empathy and Compassion: Demonstrated ability to connect with clients on a personal level, fostering a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

  4. Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, ensuring effective communication with clients and team members.

  5. Ethical Standards: Adherence to ethical guidelines and a commitment to maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

  6. Flexibility: Ability to adapt to various client needs and work flexible hours to accommodate clients in different time zones.

  7. Crisis Management: Proficiency in crisis intervention and the ability to remain composed under pressure.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and references to info@speaknowwellness. Please include a brief description of your counselling approach and experience with remote counseling.

Note: This position is remote, and candidates from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for both clients and staff.

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